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“Vessel. Always sounds wicked!” -Lee Burridge

“Vessel is a great intimate venue with lots of energy and fantastic sound for the size of the space. I love playing there.” -Roger Sanchez


The Funktion One sound system at Vessel is designed to provide high fidelity and high volume sound for the ultimate in listening experiences. Designed by Daniel Agne and Todd Konecny of Sound Investment Audio, the system is ideal for live performances as well as all types of electronic dance music.

The low frequency range is provided by a pair of F221 each with two 21″ dual-voice coil drivers driven by a Powersoft K8 power amplifier. Two F215 mid/bass speakers support the high impact mid bass region and the wide coverage mid/high AX88 are used to cover mid/high frequency duties. The perimeter and VIP areas are covered by the highly coherent Resolution1 full range speaker, and the compact MiniBass 212 subwoofer.

The system processing is performed using a hybrid system that uses various units to add tube and tape style harmonic distortion and high grade concert digital processing. High performance amplifier models drive the speakers to full potential. Whether it be the 5,000 Watts per channel of the Powersoft K-Series or the high fidelity and quality of the MC2 T-series, each amplifier model is chosen for its specific features.

According to Konecny, “The F1 system at Vessel is capable of astonishing fidelity and output. Combined with the stellar level of talent that Vessel books on a continual basis, the venue is a great place to experience the highest level of electronic music.”


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